See for Me(2021) Movie Review

Basically what I’m gonna write here is echoing what a lot of others have already said about this movie. And as you can tell by the title the lead character is genuinely awful and it just put me off the film throughout.

She’s not nice, she’s annoying and I really don’t understand why you’d make someone so frustrating to watch. More so when the point of this film is to root for this character when the break in happens. Why would I root for someone so frustrating. She’s a proper “female dog” if you get me.

The plot itself isn’t too bad. It’s a take on the intrusion horror sub-genre so you know what you’re going to get. There was one or 2 minor twists, nothing major but I can’t say much more other than it got the job done. Sure, I feel they could have improved the level of suspense throughout and made better characters, but it’s watchable at the end of the day.

Was it scary? No. Let’s just end that one there.

So yeah, this is a film that massively let down by the poor writing of the characters. The main one was simply horrendous, and the other characters were so forgettable and flat they aren’t worth mentioning. Yeah, a very average 5/10 today.

Review by danielmanson


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