Kaduva (2022) Movie Review

Its not exactly my fault because not all of these sort of movies are necessarily bad. Ayyapanum Koshiyum was a fantastic movie. Sadly the same cannot be said for Kaduva.

While the other newer big names in Malayalam cinema do meaningful/unique/experimental cinema from time to time our man keeps dishing out these sort of movies at an alarming rate. If Bruce Lee was around to watch Prithviraj movies even he would have had to bow down to the legend who can beat up 2-3 dozen guys with amazing ease while holding on to his lungi with one hand.

The one good thing about me is that I am one of those ‘once bitten twice shy’ sort of guy. I was gullible enough to watch Lucifer but you cannot pay me enough to watch the sequel. Considering that this rank average movie has made tons of money I am sure they are planning a sequel in which Prithviraj is going to beat up 4-5 dozen guys also while holding up his lungi with one hand. You can be rest assured that I am not watching that.

Considering the amount of movies Vivek Oberoi does in Malayalam he should seriously consider learning the language. Will save the producers money on the dubbing artist. Vivek Oberoi was a fairly decent actor before they ran him out of Bollywood. To be honest he deserves better work than this.

Vivek Oberoi’s wife: ” Where are you flying off to now” Vivek Oberoi: ” I am going to Kerala again to get beat up by either Mohanlal or Prithviraj” That was funny in my head.

The movie starts of well and it has an Ayyapanum Koshiyum sort of vibe about it. Then it turns ordinary and stays ordinary. Its like the director recently watched Kung Fu Hustle and decided to copy a lot of scenes from that movie. He even has his own version of The Beast in it.

If I had not watched this movie I would not have missed out on anything. Its barely watchable. Samyukta Menon really needs to learn to act. She has about a dozen dialogues and even in that you can figure out that she is the Katrina Kaif of the Malayalam film industry.

Such a massive waste of time. I put Black Bird on hold to watch this. I need to start making better decisions in life.

Review by DennisBergkamp10


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