LAAL SINGH CHADDHA is a comedy-drama film directed by Advait Chandan from a screenplay by Eric Roth and Atul Kulkarni. Produced by Aamir Khan Productions and Viacom18 Studios, This film is a remake of the 1994 American film FORREST GUMP which itself is based on Winston Groom’s 1986 novel of the same name.

A faithful remake of a film made almost three decades back, LSC doesn’t throw you off guard as the script has lost most of its shimmer because of the tiny customizations of the original concept in many films since 1994. There is a collateral commentary that runs in the film that is completely impervious to the script and mostly serves as milestones or references to the period the story travels in. The slow pace at which the film “runs” in an anfractuous first half is a glitch. Perhaps the writer could have infused some more ingenuity and desi mix to pep up a vapid replica. The drama doesn’t work nor do the emotions connect. At nearly 3 hours the film is quite a trawl, while the climax has a defunct ending.

This could easily be Aamir Khan’s poorest perfomance. His over the top and narcissistic portrayal of an individual with low IQ goes adrift, except that one scene where he is so good while wearing a turban. Kareena Kapoor is okay in a play safe role. Chay Akkineni is decent. Mona Singh as AK’s mom is good.

What makes LSC watchable is the production design in the film. Satyajit Pande’s cinematography is splendid. Background score by Pritam is adequate while the songs are good. Dialogues are decent while editing by Hemanti Sarkar is limiting. Direction by Advaith Chandan is middling.

LAAL SINGH CHADDHA is a damp squib and perversely it’s Aamir Khan who sinks it further with an indefensible profligate performance.




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