Last Seen Alive(2022) Movie Review

Well, while the 2022 crime thriller “Last Seen Alive” is hardly rocket science or a movie that particularly revolutionized the genre, then it was actually still rather enjoyable.

Sure, “Last Seen Alive” was pretty generic and straight forward, even for a movie of this genre. But writer Marc Frydman still managed to churn out a storyline and script that was interesting, enjoyable and entertaining in the good old fashioned way that a movie should be entertaining.

No secret about the fact that I sat down to watch “Last Seen Alive” because it had Gerard Butler on the cast list, and yeah he did carry the movie rather well with his performance. I will say that his performance was actually one that showed realism and a human touch to it, making it all the more realistic.

This wasn’t a movie that bolstered a lot of high profile actors and actresses. But the movie does manage to show that you don’t need actors and actresses paid laughably-insane-amounts of money per movie to be an enjoyable one. The actors and actresses in this movie all put on good and realistic performances, carrying the movie rather nicely.

If you enjoy crime thrillers then “Last Seen Alive” is worth taking the time to watch. I was actually genuinely entertained by the movie from start to end.

My rating of director Brian Goodman’s “Last Seen Alive” lands on a six out of ten stars.

Review by paul_haakonsen


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