TAMILROCKERZ streaming on SonyLiv is a web series that is written by Manoj Kumar and directed by Arivazhagan.

TR needs no introduction in the digital era. The name was and still is a sensation when it comes to piracy. The TFI tried to take them head on and could not make much headway and now we have a fictional web series that tries to exhibit their modus operandi. An 8 episode series, the premise is interesting and so is the beginning and subsequent episodes does not bring in any excitement or thrill towards the end. A few explanations on the irregularities in the film industry in general are flaky and do not weigh in. The characters despite having a backup story personally do not sound convincing. The investigation too is less engaging and a very intriguing plot is letdown by some shoddy writing.
Arun Vijay does well. Vani Bhojan is fine. Vinodhini and Vivek Sagar are OK.
B.Rajasekar’s cinematography is effective. Vikas Badisa’s background score is decent. Dialogues are average and direction is standard.

TAMILROCKERZ can be a casual watch on OTT if not taken seriously.




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