JIIVI 2 is a Tamil thriller movie written and directed by V J Gopinath and produced by Suresh Kamatchi under the banner V House Productions. This film is a sequel to the earlier film under the same name that was a critical hit. This film gets an OTT release on Aha.

JIIVI has had its share of fans over the years for its innovative screenplay and script. The director decided to leverage on this success and has written a sequel with the intriguing template intact. The issue with the sequel is that the ingenuity that the prequel had is lost here and the audience is not surprised anymore and that is a downer. The characters are not strongly defined and cross each other conveniently without adding much strength to the plot. A screenplay that stays faithful to the original results in a contrived setting that is much clearer to predict much earlier that it is supposed to be.

Vetri fits the bill well. Kavitha is adequate. Naasar gets a decent role and is different in a good way. Karunakaran is as usual.

Praveen Kumar does a decent job given the budget. Sundaramurthy’s background score is fine. Praveen KL’s editing is OK. Dialogues are average and direction is standard.

JIIVI 2 is a decent watch because it’s on OTT that fails to live up to its expectations..





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