The Lovely Bones Movie Review

In navigating the torrent of negativity to which this movie has been subjected, one thing to keep in mind is that it’s an adaptation of a very widely read and popular book. The book itself had a rather sunny disposition, which is ironic as it often was somewhat grislier in detail than the movie. That’s because events can be described in words in a grisly … Continue reading The Lovely Bones Movie Review

The Protégé(2021) Movie Review

Martin Campbell is a director who I respect very much; helming two of the best 007 movies ever in “GoldenEye” and “Casino Royale,” and more recently reuniting with Pierce Brosnan and bringing Jackie Chan back in action with “The Foreigner,” Campbell has proven himself as a competent director of high quality action dramas. Both James Bond movies mentioned above have not only fantastically crafted action … Continue reading The Protégé(2021) Movie Review

The Lincoln Lawyer(2011) Movie Review

I know what you’re thinking and I can agree with you that the name, Matthew McConaughey, does not instill great confidence that you’re going to get a great movie experience. Now that is not to say that McConaughey hasn’t done some great movies. For every Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past, Sahara, and Failure to Launch there are We Are Marshall and How to Lose a Guy … Continue reading The Lincoln Lawyer(2011) Movie Review

Sweet Girl(2021) Movie Review

The best way to describe Sweet Girl is that it’s a fairly standard action-thriller that’s meant as a jab at the for-profit pharmaceutical industry. Generally, it was kind of slow to start with when they were setting up the motivations for Jason Mamoa’s character. I feel like this could have been set up in half the time or less and most people would have been … Continue reading Sweet Girl(2021) Movie Review

Stillwater(2021) Movie Review

Stillwater was an absolutely fascinating journey. Stillwater starring Matt Damon. Follows a father who moves from Oklahoma to Marseille, to help get his daughter out of prison for a murder she claims she didn’t commit. The Good- This is a unique and fascinating journey. Some of the choices in this film were unpredictable and some of the twists here work very well. Matt Damon gives … Continue reading Stillwater(2021) Movie Review

Don’t Breathe 2(2021) Movie Review

Don’t mess with the blind man. The sequel to Don’t Breathe, which was one of the surprises back when I first watched. The first had a simple concept, but the great execution made for an intense and gripping thriller. So coming into this one, although with a different director, I expected another great thriller. And the movie was pretty decent. Stephen Lang returned as a … Continue reading Don’t Breathe 2(2021) Movie Review

Pig(2021) Movie Review

While i’m certainly not on the ‘Pig is a masterpiece’ bandwagon, this is still an oddly engaging low key indie-flick with decent cinematography, sharp editing and an aptly atmospheric score, further boosted by the brilliance of Cage and a solid supporting cast, including the wonderful truffle pig itself! However, it’s a slow moving ditty that never really takes off and i was somewhat disappointed with … Continue reading Pig(2021) Movie Review