Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness(2022)

Whatever your thoughts are about Marvel you have to give them credit for their worldbuilding and character development. Wanda and Dr. Strange are both very unique and gray characters which makes them fun. The actors also do a great job portraying their characters.

Marvel has never been this dark before. I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t got a higher age limit. But it’s great with darker content. Marvel has for a long time felt too childish but this feels more real and got a stronger effect.

The multiverse is a very confusing subject and it can ruin movies, but it can also make them more fun. This movie did a good job not making it too confusing while also utilizing it and creating fun fanservice.

Like the previous Doctor Strange movie, the visual effects are spectacular and breathtaking. There are some scenes which are not quite as believable but it doesn’t take the viewer out of the movie.

The problem with these powerful magic characters is that they are too overpowered. There’s a lot of plot armor, but it’s almost impossible to avoid when you’re playing with these powerful heroes. The magic can be a bit convoluted at times, but just remind yourself that it’s a movie. Don’t try poke holes at every plothole or stupid decision. Just have fun because it’s a fun movie.

Review by loveasklin

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