Turning Red(2022) Movie Review

The idea, the metaphor is not bad, coming of age or rather turning red (and honor your parents but stay yourself). Pixar production and graphics as good as ever. What is missing in the latest productions, in my opinion, is the genius of Pixar. They seem closer and closer to a typical Disney production, beautiful and musical but not brilliant.

This decline, I fear, may be due to an excess of production wanted by the Disney company, and I understand it but, there is a big difference between a tailor’s shop and an industrial distribution of clothing.

Although I am an adult (and perhaps for this reason), I loved Pixar because in the past its target has never been solely that of children, they have included adults. Outstanding Pixar movies like “Wall-e”, “Up”, “Inside / Out”, “Coco”, “Finding Nemo” and Dory, also “Soul”, even more than the still wonderful “The Incredibles”, “Toy Story”, “Ratatouille” , “Cars” etc. They bring with them messages, often moving, that do not concern only our children but also adults. Indeed, some messages are not immediately understandable by a very child / adolescent audience but they leave the fun to them anyway. In fact liked these movies as much as my son did.

This latest movie as well as “Brave”, to a lesser extent also “Luca”, show a slight flattening to Disney standards which I’m not saying are bad but they lack that typical modern tell and sneaky, Pixar genius.

Review by eryui


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