The Batman(2022) Movie Review

I will say I liked the story, but the long dragged out and slowly paced near 3 hours was ridiculous. You could watch this at 1.5x speed and it would be more enjoyable. This needed at least 20 mins cut out and much faster storytelling. And the constant whisper dialogue in most of the film became annoying really fast.

I do like Pattinson as an actor, but not as Batman in this one. He wasn’t convincing and his monotonic whispering dialogue and Emo demeanor was very lackluster to the point of cringeworthy. And that’s him both as Batman and even more so as Bruce Wayne.

And what’s with Colin Farrell being cast with all these prosthetics to play the Penguin? Was every other actor that naturally has that character’s look unavailable? It’s not like Farrell has a particular set of Penguin skills lol. Casting Farrell as Batman and Pattinson as Penguin, now that would’ve worked much better imo.

I’m also a big fan of Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright, but here again, he was very unconvincing as Gordon, especially when he also had that monotonic whispering Emo demeanor. I get that director and joint writer Reeves was going for that dark lonely dreary theme, but instead, the characters looked bored and inexperienced actors with sore throats.

The only one that nailed their character perfectly was the lovely and beautiful Kravitz, who stole the entire show. I would’ve rather watched a 4+ hour movie with just her as Catwoman.

All the Affleck, Keaton, Bale, Kilmer and even Clooney Batman characters were much more convincing, as well as having more and better “keep you awake” action in said films.

Sadly, this one is a generous yet disappointing 6/10 from me.

Review by Top_Dawg_Critic


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