HOSTEL is horror comedy and a remake of the Malayalam film “Adi Kapraye Kootamani” . The film is produced by Trident Arts and written and directed by Sumanth Radhakrishnan.

A supposedly comedy of errors, this Hostel is hardly any fun. A group of students in a building don’t make a hostel and there is nothing in this film that relate to anything that happens in a hostel. The staging is very juvenile while the dialogues are cringe worthy double entendres. The scenes are a big drag and the songs do not help. With a sketchy plot and a terrible narrative, hostel is anything but a decent watch.

Ashol Selvan overacts. Priya Bhavani Shankar is decent. Naseer and Munishkanth are largely tolerable.

Cinematography by Praveen Kumar is decent. Bobo Shashi’s music fits the mood and is over the top at certain places. Ragul’s editing is elaborate. Dialogues are average and direction ordinary.

HOSTEL is loud, garish and can appeal to very few..





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