The Contractor(2022)

I got drawn to seeing this movie because I recently got out of the military and can relate to being contacted by hungry contracting agencies. I am also a huge fan of the Chris Pine and Ben Foster duo because of their amazing work in Hell or High Water.

The film starts off slow in order to introduce you to Chris Pine who is playing an aging SF Medical Sergeant who suffers from de habilitating knee pain. As seen in the trailer, Pine gets kicked out of the Army with no benefits so he is forced to accept a contracting position from his close friend (played by Ben Foster) with a shady organization.

This is where the real action starts and it was really enjoyable honestly. All of the tactics used by the team when they were tactically clearing buildings and when they were involved in firefights were very accurate. I do not want to spoil anything but the first firefight scene in the film honestly hooked me and surprised me with how intense it was. Morality also comes up a lot into the film because innocent lives get damaged in the process of all these operations.

I really enjoyed this movie but I can’t put it on the same level as Hell or High Water because there is not just enough of those special things in this film. It had great action but it lacked that creative character development and original plot. I would definitely recommend this film over Morbius (which is also out this week) and also to any action movie fans.

Review by dmurilloroman


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