MANMADHA LEELAI is a supposed ‘quickie’ that Venkat Prabhu chose to write and direct after the successful MAANADU. The film is produced by Rockfort Entertainment.

ML begins rather tamely. The film takes too long to set in and once it settles down the film is as predictable as the Chennai summer. Venkat Prabhu takes the audience for granted and the much expected VP twist doesn’t surprise you. If skin show and on screen kissing is adult comedy and progressive film making according to VP in an interview, he sure needs better inspiration. This film at just under 110 minutes is a thorough bore and the climax can outdo a Bahabuli’s in length.

The cast do well. Ashok Selvan is good. Samyukta Hegde is fine. Riya Saran is adequate.

Thamizh Azhagan’ s cinematography is standard. Music by Premji is average. Editing by Venkat Rajen is plain. Dialogues are typical and direction is ordinary.

MANMADHA LEELAI is a “quickie” when there was so much time and satisfies none..





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