IDIOT comedy horror film written and directed by Rambhala and produced by Screen Scene Media Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

The madness of comedy horror is back after a short hiatus. The writer is famous for his Lollu Sabha series, a rage those days. But here in this slapstick comedy of sorts the writer fails miserably and relies entirely on the one-liners that are rudimentary and tasteless most of the times. If the first half is barely manageable the second half is an absolute mess.

Shiva limits himself to what he usually does. The women are better in Urvashi,Nikki Galrani and Akshara Gowda. The rest are badly utilized and look caricatures.

Raja Bhattacharjee’s cinematography is adequate. Vikram Selva’s musical score is a dampener. Gingee Madhavan’s editing is average. Dialogues are bland and direction below par

IDIOT, unless we want to make an idiot of ourselves !!





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