Black Crab(2022) Movie Review

Sweden is known to make excellent films; at least for us in Scandinavia. While this was something I first thought was an English-speaking film; It works in its own nature, where it’s about people going from A to B; delivering their “MacGuffin” (film term for object to drive the plot), its by no means boring in that basic design.

The acting is on-point, it might be hard to connect; if you are not Norwegian or Swedish of course; but these are known actors both international and in Nordic countries. They deliver their characters well. But still it moves in uneven ways; it feels like there are maybe scenes cut; to supply the momentum in a better speed. Often a trap many producers/studio heads do walk into. (it’s not always in the control of the editor or director) This might even be the right decision; if the scenes cut; would not give anymore “flesh” that matters too much to a character. This is an action/thriller in its core, it needs to move quickly anyway.

Visuals; are superb in many scenes; even in obvious CGI sequences; it gives a well framed visual of the harsh winter; the post apocalyptic world, and it thankfully does not put everything into mono colored style to represent the faded world. The contrast of darkness, snow and light is often done so well; it’s beautiful where it should be terrifying.

Where it really delivers; is in its creative moments; without spoiling it for anyone; there are ideas in there; visually and story wise; that really works well. There is good action; that work on “the unknown” rather than putting people into some “Hollywood gunfight”. But there are unexpected; yet logical moments that really you cannot see coming; and that, no matter how you want it “explained” more; works in making it interesting. It can be said tough; some of these moments feels forced or rushed; in sense that it’s scene is pushed in and then left abruptly.

It might not make sense; in its ending; where it seems to trap itself in a corner; but it’s still enjoyable. You will enjoy this mostly; just be aware; not all good films; need to be English speaking.

P. S If you love this visual adventure; be sure to check out the fantastic crafted stories of “Tales from the loop” on Amazon Prime; it brings the Scandinavian world into an American spoken sci-fi story in masterfully ways.

Review by Elion87


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