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Anandham Vilayadum Veedu is a drama film written and directed by Nandha Periyasamy and produced by Sri Vaari Films.

Another rural film with all the trappings of the typical rural cry-fest, AVV is a yawn watch. The plot in itself is laughable and the commonsense of all the characters in the film is at stake. There is hardly anything in the film other than a 147 minutes crowded uninspiring melodrama.

Gautham Karthik has very little scope. Cheran and Saravanan get more to do and are very ordinary. Shivathmika Rajasekhar can hardly be seen. Others are average including Daniel Balaji.

Cinematography by Borra Bhalabharani is functional. Editing by Srikanth is flat and music by Siddu Kumar is loud and annoying. Dialogues are okay while direction is average for a debutant.

ANANDAM VILAYADUM VEEDU is anything but anandam.





Irfan Malik’s Emperor Entertainment produces this film that is written by Sankar Dass and directed by Sarjun K whose last outing was “Thunindha pin” in NAVARASA. This thriller gets an OTT release through ZEE 5.

BM has an interesting premise but is marred by skewed logic and ridiculous screenplay. The writing is silly without enough research and the loopholes are as large as hooplas. The script lacks intensity because of its off head approach and it’s tough to invest in the script or even sympathize with the characters.

Priya Bhavani Shankar struts around with just one expression one her face and for the most part she looks bored. Shirish is no better. Kishore is ordinary and the rest don’t impress.

Balamurugan’s cinematography is decent. Satish Raghunandhini background score is effective. Dialogues are average and direction is ordinary.

BLOOD MONEY is a drab and wish the makers had spent more time in research and facts than whatever they did..





Insomniacs Dreams Creations produce this film that is written and directed by Mano Ve Kannathasan.

Murder mysteries are always enticing and Tamil Film Industry has had a plethora of them in recent times with the audience wanting more of it. IP is not just a murder mystery but it also attempts to throw a gauntlet at the existing societal norms. Decently written IP is fairly engaging though the mystery can be easily unravelled with the limited characters in the story and its straightforward storyline. The short length of the film does not help to communicate the message that the film intends to convey forcefully. The characters too are not strongly evolved.

Amrutha has delivered a strong performance. Vignesh too is good. Rajesh Balachindran is neat in parts. The rest are OK.

Praveen Balu’s cinematography is orderly. Jones Rubert’s music is good. Ram Pandian has little to edit. Dialogues are good and direction is neat.

IRUDHI PAKKAM is predictably OK.





Produced by Adham Bava and written and directed by Blue Shirt Elamaran who is credited to be the music director of the film as well.

There has been a lot of buzz around this film that has been directed at the director of the film who has in recent times has been at his savage best when reviewing Tamil films. So the very fact that Maran took this bold step of directing a movie surprised many. A single dimensional plot that attempts to call out religion nihilism, AI is a drag, with the film stuck on its left view agenda. The repeated sequences and the obvious references don’t stick. Like in most such films the politics and the policemen sound dumb. The first half is a trawl while the second half gets too priggish for comfort. The songs are pesky and the climax is ridiculous.

Naren, Radharavi do their jobs expected out of them. The ragtag leader Raja stands out with his performance

Technically the film doesn’t hold water. The cinematography by Kathiravasan is below average. Music by Maran himself is average. Editing by Sudharshan is ineffective. Dialogues are OK while direction is decent.

ANTI INDIAN surprisingly is nothing that was expected, but again the unexpected isn’t exciting either, with a droning missive and an anti climax, ANTI INDIAN is a boring drama.




Bachelor Tamil Movie Review

Axess Film Factory produces this film that is written and directed by Sathish Selvakumar.

An interesting and bold premise, the first half of the film has its instant appeal in the typical exhibition of bachelors antics and unconstrained lifestyle. They at some point do go baroque and it takes some convincing to agree with the characters on screen. The movie slowly and surely launches itself into a tight spot towards the interval raising expectations for the second half. From a promising first half the second half dives nose down. The courtroom scenes are silly and then on the film goes awry.Logic is a causality while corny indulgences and cinematic liberties take over.The tables are turned to accentuate the male lead thereby messing up everything the film set out to be by playing to the gallery. The climax too peters out.

GV Prakash is okay in his single dimensional role. Divya Bharati is the surprise package though she has little to do in the second half.The rest are decent.

Theni Eshwar’s cinematography is neat. Siddhi Kumar’s background score is from the top draw. The songs too are good. Editing could have been sharper. Dialogues are okayish and direction is good.

BACHELOR just about manages to make it..





Ashirvad Films and Confident group produce this big budget Malayalam film that is written and directed by ace director Priyadarshan. This much hyped film from an idea to release took almost 25 years.

A tepid start and the ingress of characters periodically makes it an ordeal to get involved with the proceedings. The perfunctory plot, formulized storyline and a rather penny plain screenplay makes for a very bog-standard script that barely manages to survive on the back of a strong production design and lack of emotions Perhaps there was little literature on this purported first freedom fighter on whom the film was based and hence the add-ons in the name of love, humour and friendship all feel ostensible. If only the makers had invested more in the script and not just the art and craft, the response would not have been stolid indifference.

Mohanlal looks and walks around like a sleeping giant. Arjun is the pick of the lot. Prabhu is puerile. Pranav Mohanlal is a novice. Keerthy suresh is neat and Suneil shetty and Manju Warrier have little scope. The supporting cast led by Nedumudi Venu are okay.

Tirru’s cinematography is top notch. Rahul Raj’s background score is heavily inspired. Aiyappan Nair’s editing is weak. Art by Sabu Cyril is brilliant.The dialogues are modern and ridiculous to say the least while the direction is poor.

MARAKKAR: LION OF THE ARABIAN SEA ends up as a funny cocktail of an Asian alliance against an European country.





Produced by DD Raja and DD Sanjay this film is written and directed by Karthirvel.

A supposedly family drama, the story has an IT subplot that it begins with. As the film moves to the village the IT plot is conveniently forgotten and rears it’s head only towards the end. The lack of emotions in a family fest as this is a huge downer. Nothing works for the film save for a few one liners now and then that pops up. Action nor the drama is convincing, forget the plot.
Sasikumar is in a new avatar and unfortunately doesn’t fit. Nikki Galrani has a lot to do post interval and is decent. The film boasts of a bevy of actors and all do their parts as expected.
Cinematography is neat. Background score and songs by Sam CS are good. Dialogues are OK. Editing could have been tighter. Direction is average.

RAJAVAMSAM ends up a dull fare because of its ridiculous plot..





MAANADU is produced by Suresh Kamatchi and written and directed by Venakat Prabhu. The film was to release for Diwali and had to undergo tense moments before it got released today.

A sketchy plot, an average screenplay mounted on a sci fi concept, MAANADU begins rather boringly and it is when the loop begins that the movie starts making sense. There is a communal angle as well and there is nothing new in the way the message is delivered. It is a political thriller and stays true to that. The film’s biggest plus is the absence of romance and songs. The first half is tiring and it is in the second half that the movie in a loop brings out some entertainment.

Simbu is OK, but his look could have been better. SJ Suryaj is as loud as he can be. Kalyani Priyadarshan has very little to do and does little. Premgi Amaran and Karunakaran don’t deliver much. Y.G. Mahendran is decent among the rest.

Richard Nathan’s cinematography is fine. Yuvan’s background score is a huge plus, while the one single in the film is below average. It is an editor’s film and Praveen KL in his 100th film has given his best. Dialogues are average while direction is standard.

MAANADU is entertaining as long as you park logic and understanding in the parking lot.



B.U. Shreesha


Produced by RK Entertainment SABATHY is yet another continued tryst for Santhanam to be one among the bankable stars of Kollywood.

There is a sense of average expectation that is usually associated with Santhanam films and this film is no surprise. The film is as evident based on a handicap and yet behaves arrogantly when it showers senseless humour on the rest. Like most so called “comedy movies” in Kollywood the movie keeps mocking everything from baldness, colour to what not. The film lacks continuity and is at the very best below average.

Santhanam has a long way to go and he looks determined to, but will his audience last?. Pugazh doles out his version of comedy. The rest are average.

Baskar’s cinematography is decent. Sam CS ‘s songs are neat. John Paul’s editing is OK. Dialogues and direction is average.

SABAPATHY is strictly for Santhanam fans





Produced by RSVP movies, DHAMAKA is a remake of 2013 Korean film “TERROR LIVE”. The film was initially supposed to be a heroine centric film, but then due to casting difficulties the makers turned it into a hero centric film.

DHAMAKA has an interesting premise, but that is just not enough. The screenplay is a desultory hackneyed execution of a thin plot that fails to engage the audience. A weak set, laboured characters and loopholes that can put Mumbai potholes to shame makes up the charade that unwinds on the screen. The logic is farcical to say the least. It becomes difficult to neither invest in the film nor root for any character despite their fight within. The theatrics are difficult to digest and the climax just implodes.

Kartik Aryan is neat, Mrunal Thakur is pretentious and the rest are just there, though very few.

A budget friendly production makes for difficult viewing. Manu Anand’s cinematography keeps the viewer engaged partially. Vishal Khurana’s background score is impasse. Monisha Baldawa and Amit Karia ‘s editing passes muster. Dialogues are below average and direction is standard.

DHAMAKA fails to even ignite, forget explode.