Kurukshetra (2019)

KURUKSHETRA, a multilingual film from sandalwood is written by Bharavi and directed by Naganna. The film is produced by Munirathna and has been in the limelight for long because of its huge star cast. As the name symbolizes this mythological film is based on “Mahabharata” a story that we have consumed and digested a thousand times and still continues to be alluring every time it’s … Continue reading Kurukshetra (2019)

Jackpot (2019)

Suriya’s 2D Entertainment produces this film that is written and directed by Kalyan. The storyline of the film is supposed to be amusing but the script and the screenplay suggests otherwise. The intention is in total contrast to what’s happening on the screen. And if that’s not enough you have another story meandering aimlessly within this story that has no bearing to the main plot. … Continue reading Jackpot (2019)

Dear Comrade (2019)

Mythri Movie Makers produce this film. Bharat Kamma is the writer and director and it’s a multilingual keeping in mind Vijay Devarokada’s huge popularity. The story of DC is concoction of a disparate ingredients and while that’s interesting it doesn’t really balance well. The time and again reminiscing of the hero’s mass image means you get longish fight scenes. The politics in the movie is … Continue reading Dear Comrade (2019)

A1 (2019)

Producer S. Raj Narayanan of CircleBox Entertainment has produced this movie that is written and directed by Johnson K. Okay, Tamil cinema of late has tsken “comedy” to plunging depths. Slapstick comedy becomes an excuse for silly writing and idiotic characterization. A1 faithfully sticks to the above. The jokes are oneliners that swing between funny to crude but mostly bad. The community bashing is cliche … Continue reading A1 (2019)