Champion (2019)

Produced by Raghavi the film is written and directed by Suseenthiran.

Yet again, we have another sports drama that comes close on the heels of the many that seem to be galloping out of Kollywood. And once again we have an insipid sports film that forgets the its focus and goes back to being one of the regular Kolly films that is unabatedly dished out. As usual the film begins with more of football and it holds the viewer’s interest for a while. But then, in its attempt to get a bit more adventurous, the film tries to add a few layers and from there everything goes awry, and the silly, yet predictable climax makes it worse.

Viswa undoubtedly is a better football player in the film that an actor. Mirnalini does her bit. Narain is back on the screen after a long time and is less impactful. Manoj Bharathiraja too returns after a long break and is ineffective.

Sujith Sarang’s camera work is helpful; Arrol Corelli’s back ground score is a major asset. Editing by Thiyagu is fine. Dialogues are standard and direction by Suseenthiran very ordinary.

CHAMPION is a film that aspires to be much more than it should have and ends up disappointing.



B.U. Shreesha


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