Kaalidas (2019)

Leaping Horse Entertainment, Incredible Productions and Dina Studios have produced this film that is written and directed by Sri Senthil.

Thriller is a genre that Kollywood has found success with of late. Recent success stories in this genre have inspired many to make films in this genre. KAALIDAS begins quite staid, but the film gradually builds up throwing in some very fine moments in the form of freshness in screenplay and some very decent frames that are very imaginative. Underplay in the form of hard hitting messages is fun as well. The film’s strength is its characterization and the seamless screenplay at least till the first half. It is in the second half that it kind of loses a bit of steam and the fuzzy climax that undoes all the good done so far. The way the writer has kept Bharath’s role largely ordinary, despite hogging the title is appreciable.

Bharath is all beefed up in a very non meaty role but does his job. Ann Sheetal does justice to her role. Suresh Menon is a welcome cast and is very dignified. The rest are well suited in their roles.

Suresh Bala’s cinematography is apt and is very pleasing. Vishal Chandrashekar’s background score ups the ante and the songs are decent. Editing by Bhuvan Srinivasan is fine and dialogues are smart. For a first time director Sri Senthil deserves a pat on is back.

KAALIDAS is one of those movies that you feel that should have stuck to its template but then the writer for all the wrong reasons tries to be over smart and ironically predictable in the process and that kind of brings down the film a notch in an otherwise more than decent film.





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