Dying to Survive (2018)

It starts with A middle-aged man with his father in need of his money for operation, his wife planning to take away his child. This man accidentally was introduced to a man with serious cancer who asked his help to smuggle Indian drug to save his life to replace the Swiss extremely expensive one that he cannot afford.

He gradually “imported” and got his first capital from this business. However as he understood more about the truth, he went to his self redemption road and earned himself “the god of cancer drug”.

It’s a shame that this movie doesn’t get the international recognition that it deserves. Because unaffordable medicine is a global problem not that of China alone. It’s also a problem in first world countries even those with a sophisticated welfare system. It just so happens that it hits third world countries harder because of the wealth gap.

Pharmaceutical companies, mostly western ones holds a monopoly position in the industry and claims that the high costs is needed to fund research of new medicine. How much of that is true is to be debated. Especially when most pharmaceutical companies are listed in the stock exchange, one is left to wonder why the funds for research cannot be collected through stock and shares. And the assumption is easily made that most of the money goes directly as profit into the pockets of the management. Earning money over the bodies of others as they say….

Well done of these Chinese film producers to make this issue go public and open for debate, and many other countries should be ashamed for not addressing this subject. The movie is very raw and well shot, with some comedic elements and some very emotional scenes. All of the actors brought their A game and it made you feel as if you were watching a documentary instead of dramatic version of the story which is based on real event.

The overall message is clear, sometimes one have no choice to go against the mainstream, in order to do some good. For all the people concerned they meant well.


Review by wesseldj-48581



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