The Sadness(2021) Movie Review

here are few movies that push the envelope so much that you wonder how they were even able to be released. Movies like Martyrs, Irreversible, Inside ect. Are all films that make you wonder “How did anyone come up with such a twisted film and how did it ever get released?”. This is one of those movies. In fact, this movie takes it one step further; it actually shows you everything that can go wrong if your basic violent instinct were left unchecked. It’s a raw, gritty, over the top spectacle that that never lets you forget that this is just a movie and things like this can’t really happen, right? RIGHT?!?!

Things kick off almost as soon as the movie begins, and they really don’t let up throughout. You have every single extreme horror trope thrown in here, everything you could possibly see in your average horror movie can be found here; dismemberment, blood, carnage, evisceration, a bloody orgy. I mean, the only thing it doesn’t show is the more extreme stuff that no one wants to see anyway and that never warrants a mention, but for true gore hounds and fans of movie such as those from the French Extremity, this is right up your alley.

The acting is great, the effects are realistic and comically well done and excessive, and the movie is just a truly entertaining watch from beginning to end. You know it’s going to end in a messed up way but you watch anyway, simply because everyone put their true heart and soul into this film. The SFX crew in particular should be commended at creating some of the best facial deformities I have ever seen. During some scenes, I literally said, “How the hell did they do THAT?!?”.

Many people have been comparing this film to the comic book series “CROSSED” and I can see where the similarities can be found. But let’s be real, folks; half the stuff in Crossed could NEVER be used in a movie, and this film is tame compared to some of the truly twisted and sick things that happened in that comic book.

I loved every minute of this film, and although it’s nasty and extreme and vulgar, it never lets you forget that despite all that, it’s just a movie. Most people won’t like it, and deservedly so. But for those of us who do enjoy this type of film, it’s one of the rare ones that truly lives up to the hype.

I was thoroughly impressed in every possible way with this movie, but I deducted 2 stars simply because I felt it could have gone further. Perhaps an uncut version will be released down the line and make me eat my words. Fingers CROSSED!!!! (Get it?!?!)

Review by manuelasaez

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