Wolf Warrior 2 (2017)

Jing Wu – One of the best martial artist and his stunts are always eye catching and stunning to watch. At this best in this movie.
Frank Grillo – Casual and smart
Celina Jade- Cute and Simple
Gang Wu – Matured and Well done in the stunts
Hans Zhang – Cute and Honest performance
Others – Well supported
Story – An ex special force guy lives a peaceful life in Africa, hunt for a killer who killed his lover and also protect the people as a soldier
Cinematography – Effortless
Screenplay – Smooth
Direction – Top Notch
Wolf Warrior 2 (2017) – Action Flick! It’s a movie for action lovers. The revolution, stunts and action scenes makes the movie worth to watch. The starting stunt inside the water was awesome and credit to stunt and cinematography team for capturing it well. The team work is clearly shown in each and every scene, even though the story is simple and predictable. Some of the action scenes are raw and less CG is work is used. One of the high production Chinese movie shot in the Africa. Everyone does their part neat and executed well.


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