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IRUL is jointly produced by Anto Joseph Film Company and Plan J Studios. Directed by debutant Naseef Yusuf and written by a team of 5 writers, the film has a NETFLIX release.

The movie begins at a very indolent pace, although the nervous ambience and atmosphere keeps the audience edgy. As the movie progresses on an expected route, albeit a very few smart interaction between the characters, the story starts pulling itself down on the weight of its own heavy expectations. The script has large gaping holes and the lacks the intensity of a crime thriller. The jump scares hardly make you fidget, the layers do not disentangle and the predictability of the whodunit waters down whatever interest you might have in the climax.

The film survives because of its cast, Fahadh Faasil is good as you expect him to be. Darshana and Soubin live up as well, but then the script does not offer enough for them to up their game.

Technically the film is good. Jomon T John’s cinematography is on the mark. Sreerag Raji’s music is fine. Sound engineering is good. Shameer’s editing could have been crisper. Dialogues are decent and direction is underwhelming.

IRUL, despite good promise just fades away making no impression.




Drishyam 2 (2021) Amazon Prime


DRISHYAM 2 is a sequel to the gripping prequel that set the cash registers ringing across the country in the languages it got remade. The sequel is an attempt to build on a few loose ends from the first part. DRISHYAM 2 is produced by Aashirwad Cinemas.

D2 begins rather very leisurely in an effort for the audience to connect with the family after a long interval. This takes almost an hour with a few “peppering” here and there to build the suspense. The writing is largely subdued compared to the original and the ingenuity of the first part is missing. A few twists are smart and a few pale compared to the first part, while some scenes are contrived. Yet what works for the film ironically, is the familiarity and our rooting for the family.

Mohanlal is immaculate as only he can be. Despite being remade in many languages, Mohanlal returns as Georgekutty once again to prove why he is the most indomitable actor that he is. Meena looks jaded. Ansiba and Esther look out of sorts. Murali Gopy is good and the rest of the supporting cast are decent.

Satheesh Kurup’s cinematography works fine. Anil Johnson’s music continues from where he left. Dialogues are good. Vinayak could have been a tad sharper in editing. Jeethu Joseph does not surprise in the direction department.

The good and bad about D2 is its familiarity and predictable outcome. With the “surprise” element missing, the film banks on our undisputed loyalty to the “family” and its headman Mohanlal.





The Great Father (2017)

Most of the reviews were good to above avg. and i had almost an idea how this film is going to be. Many of them said that the 1st half was boring and slow with a lot of emotional songs and stuff like that. But for me, the first half was a brilliant set up to follow the second half. While the first half gives us some wonderful Daddy-Daughter moments , the second half sparks into a massive blood-hunt like film which goes out of hand with every frame. The First Half for me was equal to the second half, even though many don’t agree with me.

Baby Anikha’s Acting was mesmerizing. To portray a role so difficult that brilliantly, she is a massive treasure for the coming malaylam film industry. Mammooty’s acting was brilliant, the first half being superior to the second. Arya has also done a brilliant job in portraying his character. Strong , muscular , open and a brilliant personality brings a beautiful charm to the screen . Sneha has also did good but if i could rank would’ve put her in the fourth place. Apart from these four all other characters have small roles except the frequently appearing police investigators. In Short Everyone have done a beautiful job in carving out the film’s importance to the current society.

The film handles some very sensitive issues like pedophilia , child molestation and many other issues that makes it a really socially important film. One thing that i liked above the story was the direction. If there is a thing i can say about the film – the direction was stunning, along with the camera. These both gives us a beautiful visual treat with brilliant cinematography and in saying in terms of film making ; it is a perfect package. Haneef Adeni is a major advantage to our coming Mollywood industry , with this film breaking BO records already, I am sure that we get to see more of him in the coming years.

There are some moments in the film that we begin to admire the villain’s power over the hero. Often in films we were shown the superiority of the hero over the villain. Except the climax , the villain almost emphasizes complete control over the hero’s family.

It is no twist that we get in the climax . The Villain has one or two frames in the first half and that’s it. We can never find out who the villain is, as it can became a no surprise to anyone in the theater.

An Ordinary Viewer , either with his family or alone can view this film in many ways –

ASocially relevant film A Psychological Movie A Another ‘Dark Knight’ ( Villain’s Power) A Family Daddy-Daughter Movie or An Action Masala Movie.

If I Haven’t mentioned already , the last 10-15 mins. of the film is absolutely brilliant. The shots , the camera movement , fight choreography , everything was handled with utmost professionalism and it was perfection at it’s best.

7.4 / 10

Review by CobertNeede

Maniyarayile Ashokan (2020)

Ashokan (Gregory) starts his day by dreaming of his better half and a happy married life. However, in reality, he is a disappointed village office employee with an unlucky horoscope and inferior thoughts about his short stature. Everyone in his age bracket, including his best friend, is married except for him.

Like every bachelor who has crossed ‘the marital age’, Ashokan too is hounded by questions from his villagers and relatives including his cousin Ajayan (Sunny Wayne) who never misses a chance to tease him. Apart from his loving parents, Ashokan is supported by his friends Ratheesh (Krishna Sankar) and Shaiju (Shine Tom Chacko) who stand by him through thick and thin.

Maniyarayile Ashokan has a lot of twists and turns and the movie actually speaks about several beliefs including horoscopes and rituals related to weddings. Ashokan reminds one of Thalathil Dineshan from Vadakkunokkiyanthram who has severe inferiority complexes about his physique. However, the movie has a totally different story to narrate.

Gregory, who became popular through the sitcom Akkarakazhchakal and made his movie debut with ABCD alongside Dulquer Salmaan, has showcased memorable performances in short bursts in films such as 1983. But carrying an entire film as the lead is a whole different game but surprisingly he has done it really well.

The credit has to be shared with the makers of Maniyarayile Ashokan. The well written story and screenplay by Magesh Boji and Vineeth Krishnan has been beautifully made into a charming tale by director Shamzu Zayba. The shots have been smartly captured with the filmmaker using the expressions of Gregory’s co-stars to explain the reaction of the lead actor. And actors such as Vijayaraghavan, Shine Tom Chacko, Sreelakshmi, Krishna Sankar and Anupama Parameswaran do the job of covering up for any weakness of the lead actor, exceptionally well.

The film, which is an hour and 50 minutes long, flows like a heartwarming tale without creating any monotony, thanks to the fresh and green visuals by Sajad Kakku and feel good music by Sreehari K Nair. The movie is also about friendship, onscreen and off it. Dulquer, who has co produced the movie along with Gregory, has done a cameo role in the film. Shine Tom Chacko showcases a fabulous performance and so does Krishna Sankar. Sunny Wayne’s character is witty and annoying but most of all, different from what he has done so far.

Overall, Maniyarayile Ashokan is a slice-of-life story with a genuine dose of humour. In the time of Covid-19, Ashokan and team are bound to help you celebrate the little moments in life in this Onam release.

Review by Anjana George

Finals (2019)

“Finals ” Malayalam movie. This is a fictional movie presentation, inspired from the unfortunate road traffic accident and death of national cycling champion Shiny Siles at Manjeri, during the state road championship race, in 2002. This movie comes in the genere of sports drama. Malayalam movies are portraying sports and personalities, more often.

Director Arun has vividly exposed the plight of our upcoming sports persons, their poor living facilities, their training insufficiencies, physical and mental abuse by the coaches and federations. When the champion says ‘every medal we win, pays the bank loans’ … it sums up the pathetic situations.

Rajisha Vijayan as Alice the cycling prodigy has lived the character. Her father, athlete of yesteryears, now a coach , who went to bad fame due to a misunderstanding, is caricatured very well by Suraj Venjaranmood. Niranjan as the very loving, boy friend of the cycling prodigy also did well.

Even though a sports movie, the focus is more on the drama part. 8 on 10 for this collection of unpredictable sequences of events. First half was smooth and developed on cycling and the champion and her villagers. Interval was sudden bolt from the heavens, and a shock. Second half is a comeback wave of these simpletons.

Must watch.Champions are not made overnight. Audience usually fail to recognize their efforts, behind these championships. Champions shed a lot of sweat, tears and blood .. to reach that position. We should support them.

Review by shyammukundan

Big Brother (2020)

I was never fond of the individual films directed by Siddique. Even if it is critically acclaimed Friends, Hitler or Chronic Bachelor or flops like Ladies & Gentleman & Fukri. For the first time Siddique directs an action film entirely, which turns out to be a disastrous experience for both the viewers and die hard Mohanlal fans. The plot involves Mohanlal being released from prison after serving a sentence of 24 years. How a socially awkward Mohanlal reacts with the changes is shown in the first half of the film after which he portrays a messiah type role in the second half of the film.

All the cliches which were shown in the blockbusters of the past has been repeated in this snooze fest with over the top action sequences which would put Telugu movies in shame as well.

Despite these drawbacks Mohanlal stands out with his performance but it makes viewers wonder why does he have to act in such a film despite achieving all kind of laurels. Among the supporting cast the trio of Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Tini Tom & Irshad enact their parts well meanwhile the other supporting actors like Anoop Menon, Siddique, Asif Basra & Arbaaz Khan are wasted because of the shoddy script and lack of character development.

It is high time that a director like Siddique stops relying on his past laurels and start working on developing a better script (for inspiration let him see Joshiy’s latest work). Regarding Mohanlal, it is better that he starts selecting better scripts rather than working in disasters like Neerali, Ittymani or Big Brother after giving hopes of vintage Mohanlal after acting in films like Puli Murugan, Odiyan or Lucifer.

(Last year began with a dud like Mikhael, this year/decade began with a bigger disaster like Big Brother which should be seen at your own risk. It is also sad that Malayalam Film Industry is declining in the number of quality films even in comparison with a smaller regional film industry like Marathi which produced one of the greatest political film in recent times)

Review by npdeo18

Uyare (2019)

“Uyire” Malayalam movie Serious emotional drama, where crying is NOT the option.

Parvathy as an actress, matured through her movies like “Notebook, City of God, Bangalore days, Ennu ninte Moideen, Take off” has taken her stardom, her ability to handle complex characters to a senior level, in this. Hats off. Asif Ali as a male chauvinistic boy-friend, Tovino as an eccentric playboy, Sidhique as her father… all supported Pallavi Ramachandran (Parvathy), well in their own departments. Director and scriptwriters have chosen the difficult plot and fined tuned it, to the taste of the audience.

The movie is about the smart young girl’s dream of flying and becoming a pilot, her orthodox boy friend with superior male patriarchal personality, her accident, her resurrection from that like a Phoenix, all leading to the unexpected climax… is the presentation. Camera work is superb to take us through the clouds and above. Background score and songs are apt for the situation and kept with the theme. More than these, the dialogues were woven well, to keep the essence of the emotions, it meant. More than the dialogues, ‘the silence’ at scenes, spoke in volumes. A scene worth thousand words. Scene where the boy’s father come for compromise, the confrontation by Pallavi with a deep silence, is touching… shakes your conscious like a earthquake, 9 on Richter scale.

9 on 10 for this high pitched emotional drama. More than the ‘acid attack survivor’ story, it’s about determination to outlive all hindrances of your ‘only’ life.

When you want something, the whole world conspires in helping you to achieve it’. Paulo Coelho, ‘The Alchemist”

Review by shyammukundan

Kappela (2020)

Kappela is one of the most enjoyable movies of the year 2020 and it should not be missed by any movie geek. Directed by Muhammed Mustafa, the film is an enroute into the mishmash of human psyche. Shot within the scenic locations of Wayanad, the camera focuses its sweeping images through the greenery of the grass to the warmth of the oceanic blue. The plot begins with the simpleton life of a young girl named Jessy (Anna Ben) and the intricacies that follows her insignificant life within a village sphere. Anna Ben is remarkably excellent in her role where we feel she lives through the character Jessie rather than playing it out. The simple wonders of Jessy’s life around, a sweetened romance that blossoms and the complexities that encompasses her young mind is what follows as the thread of the storyline.

While the first half deals more with the character Vishnu played by Roshan Mathew, the second half filters more into the character of Roy played by Sreenath Bhasi. Jessy stands out to lead the entire plot from the beginning to the end without losing a single array of its form and structure which fixes her character to the plot. The first half plods slowly with its own exquisite delicacies while the second half sets ready to throw its own tantrums in multiple ways.

The direction can be called as impeccable as the story is tight packed with no extraneous chapters glued with. The well packed story has been portrayed in the most convincing manner and the characters could merge with a realistic scene that fills us the aesthetic bend of the audience psychology. Though not based on an uncommon theme, the plot has been well conceived and deserves a remarkable applause. The layers of contradictions that lie within human mind is in fact the crux of the story and the gray areas of being a protagonist and an antagonist has been well articulated in the movie. The serenity of relationships and the bruises of conflicts along with virtue overpowering through vice, turns out to be the platform on which the movie builds its pace.

Though not a thriller, the movie sticks you to the edge of your seat as perplexities blow up and thuds hard on your chest. The background score was perfectly suitable for the theme it upheld with the buds of agony and suspicion growing around. The most beautiful part of the movie is where it has been able to drive home the fact that the general perception we hold onto cannot always trail smooth as human mind is unpredictable.

Roshan Mathew goes one step ahead of his usual romantic perfection and has matured into a real actor in this movie. He has handled his role by blending into the veracious nuances of the character Vishnu. Sreenath Bhasi, who is more a veteran in handling comedy had filtered in another testimony of the variations of character sketches that he can handle convincingly. The cinematography of the movie done by Jimshi is beyond description and the very last scene stands as a proof for his finesse and perfection with which the entire frame runs.

The movie is a well-crafted one with convincing characters, depicted in the most reliable form. This is one of the best movies of the year without much furore and ruckus where it contours the lines of simplicity, plurality of themes as well as its didactic methodology. Beautifully scripted, well-crafted and executed in the most brilliant way, this is a must watch.

If you miss this movie, you will definitely miss one of the best movies of the year. This movie is a must watch. Go ahead without a pinch of doubt.

Review by LitScreen – Krishna Sunder

Driving Licence (2019)

Driving license

Directed by – LAL Jr
Written by – Sachi
Editing by – Ratheesh Raj
Cinematography – Alex .J .pulickal and Ranadive

Leading roles played by Prithvi Raj , Suraj Venjaramoodu, Miya , Deepthi sathi , Nandu , Lalu Alex , Saiju Kurup , Suresh Krishna

Driving license is a movie where in a vehicle officer (Suraj) keeps the youth star (Prithvi Raj) as his role model . A fan who watches his movies on the first day itself . The movie shows how much passionate he is . The movie goes on , after which a problem arises between them , which shows how they compete each other using their career .

A simple story which doesn’t carry any twist or suspense and also doesn’t loose any continuity . Special mention to Suraj Venjaramoodu and Prithviraj’s combination . Suraj was able to maintain his character and was also able to compete with Prithviraj . Prithviraj also portrays a negativity in his role. Mass scenes for audiences is also included

The role played by Saiju Kurup as a politician is well brought up . Lalu Alex who plays the role as a corporate is also well appreciated .
Suresh Krishna’s role has lost continuity in certain areas. But over all it was good .
Miya and Deepthi sathi hadn’t much to do in the film and Ashish Praveen (who is Suraj’s son ) has been well appreciated .

Technically direction and editing works is good . Cinematography is well maintained and the continuity of the script is well kept.

Over all Driving licence is a average entertainer and a good family movie


Review by Vinay joy

Ayyappanum Koshiyum (2020)

Pritiviraj and Biju Menon Shines In this Neat and Perfect Edge seat Entertainer of Its Characters.

Strong,Rivalary,and Standout Performances From Prtiviraj Havldar Koshi A Stylish Look,Punch dialouges,Slang, Varieties of His Dialouges too.Biju menon Ayyappan nair A Retired police officer A Stylish Look, Serious Dialouges,and slang of his palakkkdan Varieties of dialouges too. Both Prtivraj and Biju Menon Are Our Real Superstars of Ayyapanum Koshiyum of their Powerful,Stunning and Strong Performances From Their Inner Dialouges and their Mind too Amazing Combo Pritivraj and Biju menon Amazing Combo.

Other characters-Ranjith,Anna reshma rajan,johnny antony,Sabumon, anu Mohan,anil Nedumbhangad,Renith Elamadu,shaju ks,Gowri nandha, Biju menon and Pritivraj are Powerful,Strong,Amazing And Superb Acting with Their Characters too.
The Plot and Content with twist in Tail was Amazing and Brilliant too With its Beautiful Storyline and its Culture,Slang,Tribal people etc.

Amazing Combo scenes of Biju menon and Pritiviraj In their rivalary Faceoff In the battle too.
Direction Was Outstanding and Amazing-Thanks to Sachy sir Writer of Driving licence,Run baby run and Ramaleela too.
Best Editing
Best Screenplay
Best storyline and Its Brilliant Making too.
Best Cinematography
Best Background music
Best Music
Beautiful songs,Visuals,and Vfx too
Background score was epic too
Dialouges are Powerful,Strong,and Standout too.
Script Was Mindblowing,Stunning,Amazing too.
Best Producer.

Writer Sachy as Nailed and Kept The Title at a perfect space Entertain too.
The Last Climax Showdown Was a turnaround Both Biju chettan and Rajuvettan are Triple Triple Triple Strong Faceoff Man Verus Man comes A Final showdown Both Getting a Mass Syle,Action,Fights too.
Climax Was Stunning,Amazing, MindBlowing Fantastic too.
Verdict- Ayyappanum Koshiyum A Rivalary Face off Mass Action Entertainer From Stunning,Strong and Standout Performances From Pritviraj and Biju Menon Makes a Complete Watch in Theatres.
Loved a lot
Ayyapanum Koshiyum Movie.
Superb and Fantastic Ayyapanum Koshiyum Movie.

Review by Jovy Joyson Akkarapaty