2.0 3D(2018)

Dr Vasigaran: Played by Rajinikanth as a go-getter scientist to perfection and scores in the emotional moments. Chitti: Played by Rajnikant has a blast in this audacious and super-fun role which he capitalised to a great extent after a long time. Pakshi Raja: Aka “Birdman” played by Akshay Kumar, a larger- than- life supervillain role buried under heavy make-up and graphics however his emotional past … Continue reading 2.0 3D(2018)

Pihu (2018)

Myra Vishwakarma: As the innocent child caught up in extraordinary circumstances, looks like a natural. She may be a toddler, but she does well with her role. Story: After a tragic incident, two-year-old Pihu (Myra Vishwakarma) is trapped in an apartment all by herself. She has very little food and water, as she’s also cut off from the world outside. Under such dire circumstances, Pihu … Continue reading Pihu (2018)

The Nutcracker and the four realms (2018)

Mackenzie Foy: Despite Mackenzie Foy’s best efforts to make Clara a spirited girl trying to find her place in the real, and fantasy world, she’s weighed down by groan-inducing dialogue that’s all exposition and little heart. Morgan Freeman: She sets out to ask her godfather Drosselmeyer about this mysterious gift. Little does she know that he has powers of his own Helen Mirren: He leads … Continue reading The Nutcracker and the four realms (2018)

Lupt (2018)

Javed Jaffrey: Javed Jaffrey with a gruff voice and an authoritarian manner about him is bearable as the family patriarch. reveals a glimmer of his foul temper when someone offers an excuse in a board meeting. Niki Walia: Things get spooky when Tandon heads for a vacation with his family, comprising wife Shalini. Karan Anand: He packs his model daughter (Meenakshi Dixit) and her photographer … Continue reading Lupt (2018)