Fanney Khan (2018)

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan– As Baby Singh, the reigning hot female singer of the country, is gorgeous but her role devoids much logic in the story. Pihu Sand-The young actor convincingly played Lata and brought energy to her role as an annoying teenager in constant confrontation with her parents. Rajkummar Rao–This talented actor played to perfection and flairs the role of Adhir, the trusted friend of … Continue reading Fanney Khan (2018)

Karwaan (2018)

Irrfan Khan: As Shaukat, he plays a fast-talking shrewd smartass is entertaining throughout. His dialogue delivery is an executioner as always. He has a more outstanding character compared to the two leads. Dulquer Salmaan: His natural screen presence, earnest & understated act is a greeting change & he flawlessly nails the Hindi language. Mithila Palkar: She, as Tanya is pleasing, but is unable to strike … Continue reading Karwaan (2018)

Mulk (2018)

Rishi Kapoor: As Murad Ali Mohammed, he performs his part with nuance & restraint. He brings grandeur to his  Muslim man’s role who turns-down to give in to the split expressed by both Muslims & Hindus. At the same time, he tries to show his affection for his country. Taapsee Pannu: As Aarti Mohammed, the daughter-in-law, she excels in the scenes of the courtroom but … Continue reading Mulk (2018)

Nawabzaade (2018)

RAGHAV JUYAL: A fashion designing graduate Karan works as a local tailor, made a sincere attempt to showcase his talent but lack charisma of big screen. PUNIT PATHAK:Plays a natural role of a painter Abhishek, painting posters of B-grade films without much impact. ISHA RIKHI: Plays Sheetal, an eligible singer and had the opportunity to showcase her talent but her expressionless dialogue throw amounts to … Continue reading Nawabzaade (2018)

Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

TOM CRUISE: He is spectacular in action sequences, smooth and slick. His charm, pleasing acting, stinging stunts will thrill his fans. HENRY CAVIL: Shines during the fights as August Walker and his screen presence is noteworthy whenever he appears. STORY: Terrorist outfit, Syndicate are all out to destroy the world using portable nuclear weapons activated by three plutonium cores. Agent Ethan Hunt with all his … Continue reading Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

Damascus Cover (2017)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Stylish and matching performance. Olivia Thirlby – Satisfying. Other – Neat. Story – A spy has to balance between his love and survival during an undercover mission in Syria. Cinematography – Effortless Screenplay – Smooth Direction – Neat Damascus Cover (2017) – Artistic. The story is compelling as an old fashioned spy story without car bombs , gadgets and bombs going … Continue reading Damascus Cover (2017)

Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

Tom Cruise – Young, smart, energetic and getting much better. Henry Cavill – Surprising and neatly done. Rebecca Ferguson – Stunning with all aspects from acting to stunts. Sean Harris – Neat. Other – Well done. Story – Ethan hunt along with his IMF team and other agency to stop the nuclear bomb after the mission gone wrong. Cinematography – Amazing and wow! Screenplay – … Continue reading Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)