Escape Room (2019)

The age of horror took a major turn when the Saw series unleashed its gory thrills to the Hollywood industry. Sadly, the very edge and gimmicks it brought grew stale, as sequel after sequel appeared to dilute the quality and originality. Soon carbon copies came in, eventually flooding the market with mediocre films that didn’t do much to progress the genre. Still, there are always … Continue reading Escape Room (2019)

Airaa (2019)

Nayanthara is the toast of Kollywood so much that she can hold her own against the male stars. Airaa also happens to have 5 am shows too. KJR studios produce this film that is written by Priyanka and directed by Sarjun. AIRAA focuses itself on the “butterfly effect” which simply translates to “a small change can lead to large changes”. Airaa is difficult to categorize, … Continue reading Airaa (2019)