Jarugandi (2018)

Jai plays the lead role in this Nithin Sathya’s production. Pichumani is the writer and director of this film. Shraddha Entertainment produces this film.

The plot of the film is a thin line that feels stretched indefinitely till the end. Insipid screenplay mars the proceedings in the film. There are fetching moments in the film, but they are far too few to capture the viewer’s attention. The dull drab narrative makes the watch tedious.

Jai goes about his role like he usually does. Daniel as his side kick performs honestly. Reba is OK in her vague role. Robo Shankar is unconvincing in a lackluster performance. Others play their part.

RD Rajashekar keeps it very functional behind the camera. Bobo Shashi’s background score is very average while the songs are forgettable. Editing by Praveen’ (75th film) is OK. Dialogues are standard and direction elementary.

JARUGANDI is a botched attempt at a comedy action film. Nothing new for the viewers, and yes it has what most Tamil films offers these days, a few scenes to mock a particular political party.





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