AGNI DEVI (2019)

Produced by Joseph Stalin and directed by Sham Surya and JPR, AD got into the news for other reasons to give it some publicity.

This is not the first time that you see a film begin somewhere and end nowhere. AD suffers from the same malaise. Starting off the blocks decently it ends up with more on the plate that satisfies none. The screenplay tries to interweave different incidents and characters and unfortunately it just does not add up. While the first half is kind of bearable it is the second half that everything goes haywire and the absurd climax makes it worse.

Bobby Simha strides around in a trademark look that he is known for and at times he looks so disinterested(was it his dupe?).  Madhoo as the evil politician does not impress with her theatrics though she puts in an effort. Satish is usual dismissive self. Bhaskar is typically unassuming like always. Ramya and Livingston play their part in their fairly insignificant roles.

Cinematography by Jana is decent while Jakesbejoy’s music is rudimentary. Dialogues are OK and editing functional.  Direction by Sham and JPR is very average.

AGNI DEVI gets most things wrong and the things it gets right suffers in execution



Review by B.U.Shreesha


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