Avane Srimannarayana (2019)

Pushkara Mallikarjunaiah and H. K. Prakash jointly produce this fantasy adventure that is written by Rakshit Shetty, Chandrajith Belliappa, Abhjith, Anirudh, Nagarjun and Abhilash. Sachin Ravi directs this film. The trailer of this film generated quite a buzz among film buffs.

ASN takes its own sweet time to set the mood of the film. Like the characters in the film, the film sets out lazily despite its curious opening. The film transports you effortlessly into its fantasy groove, embarking on an adventure that has some mouth watering and fun filled moments, helped by some amazing performance from the entire cast. What works for the film is its resistance in being formulaic as it cleverly weaves myth, logic and ingenuity, notwithstanding the premise being open to be unabashedly over the top. Yet, with a wonderful state of affairs and just the right kind of screenplay, the film does stumble in not elevating itself to an altogether different altitude despite promising so much to do so surreptitiously, and yes it could have been shorter by at least 20 minutes.

Rakshit Shetty is in top form as he delivers an impish, confident and knockout performance as Sriman Narayana. Achyuth Kumar is in scintillating form along with Shanvi Srivatsava who holds her own in a nicely written role. Balaji Manohar as the antagonist makes his presence felt. Pramod Shetty too delivers. The rest of the cast do their best to give out a wholesome experience.

Technically ASN is splendid. The production design is one of the best in recent times. Karam Chawla, the cinematographer does a fantastic job. Ajneesh Loknath shows why he is one of the best talents around. Sachin Ravi’s editing could have been largely compromised by Sachin Ravi the director. Dialogues are fun while Sachin Ravi as the director is brilliant.

AVANE SRIMANNARAYANA is brazenly inventive and audacious in its film making. Yes it could have raised the bar further and been shorter. But then it is not short of fun, music and entertainment and deserves a MUST WATCH..




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