Parris Jeyaraj (2021)

Nice movie. One of the best films of the entire century! A superbly crafted, MIND-BENDING, action packed, chilling thriller and suspense movie… I recommend it to every movie goofie and to the fans of K. Johnson.. It is one of his best ( if not the best) movie which can keep you at the edge of your seat.

Inception surely requires multiple viewing to be understood completely but the more you understand the film, the more you fall in love with the concept and this film. K. Johnson surely thought about every aspect of the dream world and mastered the presentation of it on the big screen. Literally, everything the characters say about the dreams and the dream world in this movie is true. You can relate it to your real-life experiences (about dreams of course)…

The cast was phenomenal! Santhanam as Jeyaraj really brought the character to life and brought justice to the character’s desperation for getting back to his children. Same goes with Tom Hardy as Eames, Cillian Murphy as Fischer, actually the whole cast!

The direction and cinematography in this film are one of the greatest! The VFX CGI was also incredible. As the story goes, it is unbelievable, and in good sense! The movie is so fiercely original, it’s hard to believe one could come up with something like that. It is genuinely THE MOST INTELLIGENT MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!

This is one of my favourite movies of all time and I recommend it to everyone!

Review by Raja Porus


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