MY DEAR BHOOTHAM is fantasy comedy that is produced by Ramesh Pillai and written and directed by N.Raghavan.

MDB is the typical genie story that is wrapped in some drama and supposedly fun. The screenplay “stammers” throughout despite various inspirations from children shows. The writing is superfluous and the characters caricatures that would appeal only to a juvenile mind. The VFX is not great either and hence pulls the film down with its very poor production design. Even the climax is a huge let down and ends up disappointing not just the characters on the screen but also the viewer.
Prabu deva does his bit to save the film but cannot. Ashwath is the saving grace of the film and does quite good. Ramya Nambesan is OK in an underwritten role. The rest of the cast are just there.

Senthil Kumar’s cinematography is largely functional. Imman’s music is average. Dialogues are OK and direction is plain.
MY DEAR BHOOTHAM is an uninspiring tale that might find favour among the under 10’s.




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