The Battleship Island (2017)

Jung-min Hwang – This movie shows his passion towards cinema. Multi talented actor and he steals the show in the movie! He performed in a way where no one can perform his role.
Ji-seob So – Cutest actor but he always chose tough kind of roles in most of his movies. Justifying performance.
Joong-Ki Song – Supporting role and neatly done.
Jung-hyun Lee – One of the challenging role but her performance made it look like casual and easy.
Su-an Kim – Most talented kid and she has already proven in the movie “Train to busan”. Her dance, emotions are stunning and her performance still reminds in our mind after watching the movie.
Others – Justifying
Story – Based on the real event happened during Japanese colonial era, around 400 people were taken into the battleship island and their dramatic escape
Cinematography – Excellent! Bringing back event memories through lively visuals.
Screenplay – Focused
Direction – Kudos! Amazing!
The Battleship Island (2017) – One of the best war movie of recent time, technically good and must watch! War movie is always a challenge for most of the director’s because bringing back the reality through visual. This is a perfect war movie made with raw feel. The casting and their efforts are proven to be their life time role. The action sequences are jaw-dropping and mind-blowing. Overall it’s a good emotional drama.


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