Thana Serntha Kootam ( TSK ) (2018)

Surya – Simple and Smart
Keerthi Suresh – Traditional
Ramya Krishnan – Bold and justifying
Karthik – Guest role but wasted
Others – Cool
Story – The gang of people loots money from the corrupt politician in the name of CBI.
Cinematography – Cool
Screenplay – Moderate
Direction – Good
Thana Serntha Kootam ( TSK ) (2018) – Fair! Success with audience who haven’t seen the original version. Missing the crunch and mass of original version “special 26”.  Overall it’s a good try and justified through well known casting. Surya is smart as usual supported by background music and 2 songs apart from that we are missing
the pacy script from original. Climax is wasted completely. One time watchable for Surya!


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