Gulebagavali (2018)

Prabhu Deva – Perfect and it’s his type of role
Hansika – Eye Catching
Revathi – Casual and cool performance
Muneesh Kanth – Entertaining
Mansoor Alikhan – Justifying
Yogi Babu – Tongue twister
Others – Neat
Story – A group of robbers join together to perform a heist which was served in a fun way.
Cinematography – Good
Screenplay – Matching
Direction – Chill
Gulebagavali (2018) – Entertaining! It’s a fun ride based on treasure hunt subject and each character is framed well to entertain the audience. You can enjoy the movie without worrying of logic and perfect script for prabhu deva, his dance moves are pleasant to watch and well supported by background music. Family entertainer and worth watching.


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