Mulk (2018)

Rishi Kapoor: As Murad Ali Mohammed, he performs his part with nuance & restraint. He brings grandeur to his  Muslim man’s role who turns-down to give in to the split expressed by both Muslims & Hindus. At the same time, he tries to show his affection for his country.

Taapsee Pannu: As Aarti Mohammed, the daughter-in-law, she excels in the scenes of the courtroom but sometimes, she fails to deliver lengthy monologues.

Manoj Pahwa: As Ali Mohammed’s unjust brother Bilal, he is heartbreaking.

STORY: A Muslim family’s youngest son settles down in Benaras & takes part in terrorist activities, which leads to a bomb blast mass destruction. His activities have an unfavourable effect on those families who have to now shield themselves as citizens who aren’t anti-nationals & are innocent.


SCREENPLAY: Thought-provoking

DIRECTION: In the movie, the director appertains few rules that preside over commercial executants to a compound drama about communal prejudice.

MULK: The Movie focuses on some burning & hard-hitting issues, & at the same time also stressing on the vital role the media & other informational channels have to play in broadcasting the correct news & facts to the general public. It even brings to light the other side of terrorism that most of the times get ignored.


Review by Shreya Ghosh



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