Nawabzaade (2018)

RAGHAV JUYAL: A fashion designing graduate Karan works as a local tailor, made a sincere attempt to showcase his talent but lack charisma of big screen.

PUNIT PATHAK:Plays a natural role of a painter Abhishek, painting posters of B-grade films without much impact.

ISHA RIKHI: Plays Sheetal, an eligible singer and had the opportunity to showcase her talent but her expressionless dialogue throw amounts to muttering without cutting any ice.

STORY: Three best pals go out of their way to win the heart of a simple gharelu next door girl and her parents in distress. The girl pits one against the other, though unintentionally and flies away. Their effort, endeavour lands the three in police custody and finally realise that their lovebird has made a fool of them and they have been played.

DIRECTION: Jayesh Pradhan’s direction lacks any depth due to lack of meat in the plot and story. He could not utilise the vast talent of Vijay Raj and Mukesh Tiwari to full potential.


CINEMATOGRAPHY: Not of any substance

NAWABZAADE (2018): The film is a romantic comedy but fails to evoke much laughter and sometimes look crude and crash. The story-line and dialogues lack much substance and so all aspects just fall through except for the songs which are classy and entertaining.


Review by Shreya Ghosh


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