Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

TOM CRUISE: He is spectacular in action sequences, smooth and slick. His charm, pleasing acting, stinging stunts will thrill his fans.

HENRY CAVIL: Shines during the fights as August Walker and his screen presence is noteworthy whenever he appears.

STORY: Terrorist outfit, Syndicate are all out to destroy the world using portable nuclear weapons activated by three plutonium cores. Agent Ethan Hunt with all his thrilling actions has to come forth to save the disaster against all odds.



DIRECTOR: Christopher McQuarrie direction excels in this film with detailing action sequences and neatly crafts a blockbuster with the right dose of humour, explosive entertainment and unprecedented actions.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE-FALLOUT (2018): This film is the sixth in the franchise of Mission Impossible and can be easily considered as one of the best action films of Tom Cruise defying his age and all physical boundaries. The plot is complicated but when it starts to unravel, the audience will be at the edge of their seats. You have all details and thrills in chases on foot, speed boats, on cars and helicopter sequence above snow-capped mountains.


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