Damascus Cover (2017)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Stylish and matching performance.
Olivia Thirlby – Satisfying.
Other – Neat.
Story – A spy has to balance between his love and survival during an undercover mission in Syria.
Cinematography – Effortless
Screenplay – Smooth
Direction – Neat
Damascus Cover (2017) – Artistic. The story is compelling as an old fashioned spy story without car bombs ,
gadgets and bombs going off. Damascus Cover reveals raw feelings of a broken man/operative Ari Ben-Sion masquerading as a German rug salesman Hans Hoffman. Reeling from his son’s death and the death of an operative coworker he tried to save, he is used in another operation that isn’t what it seems. He becomes bait. We have a harrowing ride through Damascus and the surprise twist ending. Excellent cinematography and score. Worth watching!


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