Aaruthra (2018)

Pa. Vijay produces, writes and directs this film that has him playing the lead role and is also the lyricist of this film.

The movie begins like some sleazy B grade film and it takes a while to settle down to understand where the film is heading and by then the interest is so lost. The film tries to salvage some pride in the second half with a decent flash back. A lot of characters and all playing their template roles annoyingly makes it more difficult to digest. Yes the movie has a message and some education too but all is lost in
some pathetic film making that can hardly be categorized watchable.

Pa Vijay surprisingly is quite decent in his role,Bhagyaraj, Mottai Rajendran, Sanjana and a host other side kicks are all irritating.

An average budget means an average technical team, Sanjay behind the camera has tried his best, music by Vidya sagar is forgettable. Dialogues are OK and direction by Vijay clumsy.

ARUDHRA could have been a barely average watch with some decent execution but turns out to be mediocre.





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