Blue Jean Blues (2018)

Raj Thakur : Raj Thakur  is shown as 23 year old KRISHNA a shy, self obsessed and man with low self-esteem. Krishna is  a college going student who is living a fine and normal life , he’s a. guy who doesn’t speak up and express himself after his father’s death and thus lot of things after that creates obsession in his life ,

After meeting a girl and then getting dumped by her creates a drama and way for us to look at the story structure. The way his obsession  attacks him and sufferings he faces is all through the story graph.

SHWETA BIST : shweta is shown as Madhumita who’s the reason behind Krishna’s obsession and weird behavior. Shweta plays as college student who is dumb in maths and hence takes Krishna’s help to get it solve but she didn’t like Krishna because he’s so down personality creature and that will down her prestige too. The exit of madhumita creates after break up conjunction in Krishna’s life.  As madhumita now dates some more handsome and fab personality guy.

Ashvini Ekbote : Ashvini is shown as Krishna’s mother name devaki. She married to some other person after his father’s death. Devaki lives with her husband but after the incident in Krishna’s life made her come back to live with Krishna and help him solve the problems out and get rid of from the heartbreak hangover.

Devaki’s graph is shown as parenting in the storyline, still Krishna feels as she’s a bad woman who left him and so he cannot see her with some other man. Devaki’s entire world lies for the wellness of Krishna and the way she makes him calm and cool and be like a solid support is the best shade seen throughout the movie.

Story : Blue Jean blues is a story about the Krishna who is shy, self obsessed, and have low self esteem. Krishna’s deal with his life after breakup and the way his life sketches displays with pain and suffering is portrayed throughout the movie. Effort made Family and friends to help him out of the hangover works as lifeboat to the movie.

Director :  Nitin Mahajan

Writer   : Nitin Mahajan

Screen play : it’s little bit boring and slow.

Direction : Nitin Mahajan did a great job of bringing the content out , as the display of ordinary boy who is weak and looks like a failure in life is quite good.

Ratings : 2.7 / 5

Review by Ajay Tambe

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