Karim Mohammed (2018)

Yashpal Sharma : Yashpal Sharma plays a ethical Muslim Shepard and is shown as father of Karim. He is the one who teaches Karim the ways to live life and the purpose of living life. Yashpal Sharma delivers a very fine performance as a shepherd from a Kashmir family and the way she takes his family away from the atmosphere of terrorism. He’s a well nurtured human being, as his portrayal on importance of respect in life and the way to pursue it is commendable, his fights with his own members and community against the terrorists and the terror leaders creates a drama to watch out.

ALKA AMIN : Alka Amin shows a strong and catchy performance in this movie. A Hindi Tv actress has grabbed a commendable role and has made a way out. Alka plays as Karim’s mother who is always more possessive with her child and gets annoyed after the questions from Karim. She is in the dilemma and is very concerned about her child. Karim’s maturity and innocent look has made her think about the community and terrorism, She is so scared about the fact that it might be a trouble for her family from the terror leaders and the society they were living in.

Story : Hamid is a ethical Muslim Shepard ,who is so protective towards his Bakarwal community and never allow any threat to enter in their door. This wall breaks when the terror attacks enter in his life and breaks his philosophy towards life. The line of story revolves around the community and terrorism and the growth of their new ones who unknowingly grows up in that locality and join hands with terrorism.

Review : Hamid is a man of principles and loves living his life as a shepherd with his family, he never allowed any terrorism air enter in their life. Karim as a back bone and the main reason for the story to take place from a innocent look to harsh blood flows, the portray of child artist is not that appealing as expected. Overall portray and the direction of the film sounds good. The shades in the storyline and the way it is builded is worth to watch. Script is tighter and that’s what makes the film look totally good

Director : Pawan Kumar Sharma

Writer : Jitendra Gupta

Screenplay : screenplay is tight and roped in most phases, it may look like slow in some parts which might had led the film down.

Ratings : 2.5* / 5


Review by Ajay Tambe


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