Bharat (2019)

Bharat is adapted from “Ode to my Father” and is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar produced by Reel Life Productions and Salman Khan Films.

Bharat does have a very strong premise, but that is all it has. The screenplay meanders aimlessly with layers and layers added to it to make it much more painstaking to watch. The script is like a few chapters disjointed in one with no powerful impact and the unending length of the movie warranting a few power naps. Yes, the movie has its finer moments but then they are far and few in this long tiring journey. The scenes involving the lead pair provide some entertainment, but then the comedy falls flat big time due to the lewd and unintelligent humour. There is an overdose of Patriotism that at most times sound forced despite the genuine intent and a few times it does bring in a sense of pride.

Salman Khan, yes he is now “Bharat” so you know what to expect when he plays the ostensible all-encompassing character. The character of Bharat has a lot of stratums, but then to Salman it means only two, the older Salman and the younger one. We have seen a lot of the younger one and he sticks faithfully to what he has been doing for ages, but as the older Salman, Salman gets more wooden and stiffer. It is a disappointing because the director brought out the best in him in their previous encounter “Sultan”, but here Salman is weary and tiring as Bharat. Katrina Kaif despite her amateurish “get-up” is the pick in the film. It is she who makes the scenes with Salman good to watch. Sunil Grover has a meaty role but badly written lines and fails to make an impact. Disha Patani looks a misfit as Salman’s love interest while the rest make up the cast.

Marcin Laskawiec,the cinematographer does a competent job, Vishal Shekar’s songs are nothing to write about bordering on average. Rameshwar Bhagat’s sparing edit suffocates the viewer. Dialogues are very average and direction by Ali Zafar a definite fall from the standards that he had set.

BHARAT is a tiring walk across different ages that wobbles much before the finish line despite banking on just the “muscle” of Salman khan.





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