Seven (2019)

Ramesh Varma produces this film that is written, directed and cinematographed by Nizar Shafi.

SEVEN starts of laboriously and it takes more than a while to get the viewer seriously interested in the film. The serious scenes lack logic and the actors performances makes SEVEN a much more difficult and unconvincing watch. It is only in the second half that the movie wakes up from its slumber and coincidentally the audience too. But that too is marred by a far-fetched flash back and a sillier climax. The only reason the second half is somewhat tolerable is because of the atrocious first half.

Havish plays the lead role and despite having a strong role falters in his debut film. It is the women in the film who outscore the men and the only saving grace is Rahman. Regina Cassandra, Nandita, Aditi all do a decent job without the help of a weak support cast.

The cinematography is good while music by Chaitan Bharadwaj is pedestrian. Dialogues are decent and direction for a debutant is just about average.

SEVEN has a bit of everything but then falters in a badly written script





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