Vijay Antony is back with his particular kind of movie (adaptations) that is written and directed by Andrew Louis and produced by Diya movies.

In an outrageous move you have a dream song that knocks you out even before you try to sort out the first scene that’s a jolt. The movie then gets back to its senses, but every now and then the songs appear and disappear, who knows who to please, but definitely not the ones who paid to watch a thriller of just 110 minutes. This whodunnit thriller is stale for the most part of the first half and it’s in the second half that it wakes you up with some okayish investigation methods and intelligence. Like most of the murder thrillers you again get the reveal that doesn’t quite clear the boundary.

Vijay Antony continues to “murmur” through the film with his “I am depressed” trademark look. Ashima Narwal is decent in her role. Must have been quite an effort for Arjun Sarja to play the role of a subtle police officer. Nazar does what’s expected out of him and so do the others.

Mukesh behind the camera does a decent job. Simon K King scores with a recurring theme that suits the mood of the film. Songs are average but bad for the film. Dialogues are average. Editor Richard Kevin has little to do though would have been tempted to remove the songs. Direction by Andréw Louis is standard.

KOLAIGARAN is not a Drishyam though the template is almost similar but then it doesn’t devastate you nor does it give you the goosebumps..




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