Kurukshetra (2019)

KURUKSHETRA, a multilingual film from sandalwood is written by Bharavi and directed by Naganna. The film is produced by Munirathna and has been in the limelight for long because of its huge star cast.

As the name symbolizes this mythological film is based on “Mahabharata” a story that we have consumed and digested a thousand times and still continues to be alluring every time it’s told. The “mother” of all epics and stories is condensed into three hours for the viewers and is mostly told from the point of view of “Duryodhana”. The writing is not without flaws, there are inconsistencies in the flow and ample “inspiration” from previous classic mythological films means the comparisons are inevitable. The rest of the characters apart from Duryodhana are weakly presented. Despite the focus on everything eye catchy the results are very middling.
Darshan, with his imposing physique does the job mostly. Arjun Sarja looks off colour. Ambareesh has little to do. Ravichandran looks and does good as Krishna. Sneha lacks the fire power of Draupadi. Nikhil tries his best but in vain. Ravishankar as Shakuni does a very good job.

Technically the film should have been much better. Vincent’s cinematography is good but basic CG does not support well. Harikrishna’s music is shockingly average. Editing works by Harsha. Dialogues are OK. Direction by Naganna borders on being decent.

KURUKSHETRA for all its hype does not quite match up but then it’s the “Mahabharat” you can still watch it for the story that continues to move and inspire millions for centuries.





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