Comali (2019)

COMALI is produced by Vels Film International and is written and directed by Pradeep Ranganathan. The film got its pre release hype because of the controversy surrounding Rajinikanth.

The premise of Comali is a little interesting; forget the inspirations from films abroad or the countless reference to it in many many movies here. Sadly here, it just stays interesting partly and otherwise it is mostly made up of lewd jokes, unconvincing melodrama and a boring lecture. Yes some jokes work in the mix, but then you might end up missing them in the otherwise insipid screenplay. The cartoonish characterizations and ridiculous representations make things worse notwithstanding the cliché.

As usual you only have Jeyam Ravi to make this film barely watchable. Kajal Agarwal is OK. Yogi Babu delivers what is expected out of him and here his famous appearance is clipped. K.S. Ravikumar does a fine job and is refreshing to watch.

Richard Nathan’s work behind the camera is okayish. Hip Hop Thamizha blares what he is known for and is effective. Raghav’s editing could have been finer especially in the second half. Dialogues are standard and direction for a debutant is promising.

COMALI is a film that you cannot expect a lot from, if in doubt check the title of the film. Strictly for the ones who appreciate the “dumb” humour that Kollywood of late dishes out, while in the end you wonder if it’s the film or the viewer the film is named after.





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