Mission Mangal (2019)

R.Balki produces this film that is written and directed by Jagan Shakti.

Mission Mangal as the name suggests is about “Mangalyaan” the path breaking Mars mission by ISRO that dumbfounded world at large because of its many “Firsts”. MM is largely a “cinematized” version of Mangalyaan and the scenes behind it. With overdose of emotions, average humour and some masala in good dose, the film is not as serious it possibly should have been. The film is less about the launch and more about the people behind the launch and the drama in their lives. But yes there are moments that are fun, moments that lift and yes the film largely entertains.

Akshay Kumar is Mr. India of Bollywood and he plays his role without much ado. Vidya Balan is vintage as always. Taapsee grows with each film of hers; Nithya Menon and Kirthi are decent while Sonakshi Sinha is average. Kannada actor Dattareya delivers a seasoned performance.

Technically such science films are supposedly visually stupendous, but here it is basic at its best, but then it is not drab either. The CGI and VFX are persuasive at the most. Cinematography by Ravi Varman is decent. Amit Trivedi’s music intertwines with the screenplay. Dialogues are above average while a sharper editing could have made it more interesting. Direction is good.

MISSION MANGAL does not soar, what it instead does is it manages to stay in orbit and in the process tries its best to inspire, motivate and more than anything “Celebrate”. A few unwanted scenes can make kids who must form the majority of the audience a tad uncomfortable. But yet a must watch..





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