No Mercy (2019)

Unfairly rated and deserving of much more credit. The story starts off with a flashback to the protagonist carrying a sledgehammer into an auto body shop and what looks to be a violent end for someone.

The underlying theme of this movie focused solely on a sister (Park In-ae) looking for her missing younger sister (Park Eun-hye). As the movie progresses, we find out that Eun-hye who is in high school; has been a victim of physical and sexual abuse by classmates, adult men and women. In-ae discovers along the way that Eun-hye is kidnapped and sets out on a path of revenge against all who wronged her younger sister.

The movie’s main story-line is strong. There was several flashbacks along with the story jumping around…which I believe to be the cause of why user reviews rated this movie poorly. I thought that the acting was very good and that the action sequences was very entertaining. It was like a female version of the Taken film. A quick search led to a surprising discovery that the lead actress was previously an amateur boxer.

I encourage others to watch it if you’re looking for a little action, thriller, drama in a movie.

Review by owenklee-71060


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