Overcomer (2019)

Again brothers Stephen and Alex are doing always a great job. In the movies of making them Christian. Not corny.

John Harrison had a basketball team but loses the championship. But worse news is about to come. As the factory lays off thousands of workers and for the kids of the parents working there knowing that their dreams for a scholarships faded and John is forced to take on as a coach of cross country, something he does not like. Parents of those kids on the sports teams are moving to find better jobs and scholarships. All seems hopeless right…but then a breakthrough.

But then a student named Hannah Scott a troubled petty thief but gifted runner and student with trust and confident issues and lost her parents or so she thinks to drugs and living with her grandmother working two jobs to provide for them

She is the only person running track but proves she is gifted. John and his family put their faith in God and things start happening. Out of something bad comes something good. As Hannah slowly but surely improves on her running, grades, and hopefully finding a purpose in her life.

As John and his family make a visit though on accident with John at first alone to a person named Thomas who has his own history and he is faced with diabetes and death as well as lost his sight. But is happy after he found faith in God.

While also dealing with possibly movie away. But then Hannah is giving John and the school faith and proves that out of something bad, comes something good.

Review by ShelbyTMItchell


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