Project Power (2020)

Story line: 6/10 I went into this movie blind. I just opened up Netflix to watch anime and this movie was recommended to me so I gave it a chance. The story line is weak. Nothing makes sense. This is the kind of movie you turn your brain off and watch nonsensical stuff happen on screen and eat popcorn. I made it though the movie without getting bored. But once the movie ended all I could think was wtf was that movie and wtf was the ending.

Acting: 7.5/10 I love Jamie Foxx so I give him 2 thumbs up and Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a goodish job. Their lines were okay and I believed in the pain they felt.

Music: 6/10 Mostly random Hip-hop clips. I like hip-hop but hearing a random song for 10-20 seconds is not memorable. During some of the fight scenes the music left the hip-hop genre and played some Orchestra type music and I was like finally…

Chance I will remember movie in 5 months: 4.5/10 Overall the character’s lines were forgettable, the story line… made no sense. This is the kind of movie where it tells you what will happen, but not why or how.

What bugged me (non-spoiler): I’ll give you a non-spoiler portrayal of a character in this movie. Imagine you’re a military super soldier (one of the best soldiers on the planet), while you’re in the military defending your country overseas you also have the time to create the most significant and complicated scientific discovery in the history of humanity that will evolve humans as we know it to literal Gods. But how you crated this medical marvel, where you found the time, where you got the knowledge, did you even go to college, etc… is kept a secret.

Review by silascriss


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