KUTTY STORY an anthology is produced by Vel’s International and has 4 reputed directors in Gautham Menon, Venkat Prabhu, Vijay and Nalan Kumarasamy indulge in love and romance in a series of 4 short films.

EDHIRPAARA MUTTHAM – Perhaps the second weakest among the 4 films, EM is typical GVM template in terms of standard romance and characterization. Amala Paul has one standard expression throughout the film, while Vinoth Kishan with his grumpy look is hardly convincing. GVM acts like he always does, while Robo Shankar tries his best to make us laugh in vain. EM is more about aesthetics and less about substance.
AVANUM NAANUM – This film does not impress with a cliché plot marred by expediency. Very predictable AN has a redundant theme and just does not going. Megha Akash is OK. Amitash has a fleeting role and Ayra is decent. Vijay fails to deliver.
LOKHAM – Venkat Prabhu tries to be different in using a video game as the backdrop for his film that explores romance again. It gets a bit tedious with very basic animation hogging a lot of screen time. The story is less convincing and the actors Varun , Sangeetha and Sakshi barely manage.
AADAL PAADAL – Easily the best among the average lot, AP begins quite well, but loses track very soon. AP is largely helped by very good performance from Aditi Balan. Vijay Sethupathi does not stir. AP despite a good challenging premise folds up very meekly raising eyebrows. Nalan disappoints.
The four Kutty stories are largely superfluous and never for a moment attempts to breach the lines of its conformist convenience.


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