Wrong Turn (2021)

It of course looks a lot better and more polished than the 2003 original in terms of lighting, cinematography and effects. There were also a few good ideas here, and some pleasant subversion of expectations, but the issue is that none of the ideas are actually fleshed out or developed. It felt like there were influences and themes taken from a lot of movies such as Deliverance, the Hills Have Eyes, and even newer movies such as Tucker and Dale vs Evil and Midsommar. But it feels like just a mashup of concepts taken from those films, with no real identity of its own. And that’s because the writing and dialogue are atrocious.

It felt like a first draft script, loaded with plot holes and contrivances, as well as cliched dialogue and character writing. Worst of all, there’s a twist toward the end that is utterly baffling, makes no sense, and serves absolutely no purpose. You could seriously cut the last 10 minutes out of this movie entirely, and nothing of value would be lost.

All in all, this is fine if you just want to watch something entertaining, and with some decent kills and gore effects, but that’s about it.

Review by joeyyyvela


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